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A Mission
Arising from a Timeless Discovery

Amrita Translation Foundation

With the exponential growth of
technology and civilization

we’ve seen a rapid decline in humanity’s underlying spirituality
bringing about a host of social issues
An unprecedented assault on
our core values

In light of this
Amrita Translation Foundation was formally established
Through translating and increasing awareness of
Chinese and Tibetan scriptures,
preserving Buddhist artefacts etc.
we hope to rise up to the same calling as of our esteemed Buddhist masters

In Master Xuanzang’s words
“In the end, inheriting Buddha’s teachings
For now, letting the light of dharma spread wide and far.”
We hope to resolve current issues
With virtue as a guiding light for all
Doing what we can for the eternal well-being of humanity

Every Step
Can Withstand Trials

Nurturing of Monastic Translators

The profound essence of Buddhist teachings relies on monastics practicing and passing it on from one generation to another. Nurturing monastic talent is extremely arduous. Young monastics have to start memorizing sutras at an early age, engage in constant debate and contemplation, become adept in accurate wording, and be pragmatic in their practice and internalization of Buddhist teachings. Only then, can they accurately elucidate Buddha’s true meaning, bringing the light of wisdom to all. Over the past two decades, we have embarked on this journey, and we are about to witness the awe-inspiring gathering of countless monastic translators.

Translation Process

To ensure the accurate transmission of Buddhist teachings, we’ve referenced the historical Tibetan-to-Chinese translation process. We created 12 distinct translation roles ranging from translating, reviewing, wordsmithing to annotating – aimed at producing a comprehensive translation of Tibetan Buddhist sutras. The team of over 70 translators comprise of monastics well-versed in The Five Great Treatises as well as laity who are professors and experts in this field. The result: a complete, large-scale, systematic and rigorous translation bureau.

Preserving Sutras

The complete preservation of Buddhist sutras has a profound impact on the flourishing or demise of Buddhist teachings. The circulation of Buddhist sutras signifies that Buddhist teachings continue to be passed on from one generation to another. The translation of Buddhist sutras draws heavily upon numerous sutras as sources of reference. Comparing the differences in various editions, removing the redundant and filling in the gaps to compose a complete version. We hope that by extensively reading sutras, all can benefit themselves and others, ultimately achieving enlightenment.